Monday, Feb 19, 2018
Dear Friends, On behalf of the entire Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church, I greet you as we enter the Lenten Season – a season of reflection and preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ triumphant resurrection on Easter. The pattern of our Lenten journey was set by Jesus during his 40 days of solitude, fasting, prayer and testing in the Judean desert. This was an essential period of preparation for Jesus’ public ministry. But, the goal of our Le... continue reading
Monday, Feb 19, 2018
An international group of United Methodist leaders heard more details on three possible models for how the church ministers with LGBTQ individuals. Three participants in the Commission on a Way Forward presented an update on their work to four denominational leadership bodies holding a joint meeting in this western African country. Together, the four groups have members who span the denomination’s global membership and theological spectrum. Many came from centr... continue reading
Thursday, Feb 1, 2018
If The United Methodist Church had a “Paid-in-Full” stamp, it would be getting good use around the world. A record 28 of the 56 U.S. United Methodist conferences paid 100 percent of requested general-church giving in 2017, the denomination’s General Council on Finance and Administration reports. That’s the highest number in the 18 years that the church has digital records and marks the fourth consecutive year that a record number of conferences reached the mile... continue reading
Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018
Beloved in Christ Jesus: I suspect that every year is the 50th or 100th or some number anniversary of an important event or day. We all pay attention to this kind of thing in varying degrees and often conditioned by our personal, family or group interests. The year 2018 is a real marker for a number of 50ths, and I fully expect that some of them will be featured in various ways in West Ohio. There were many shaping and shaking events in 1968. One that I want to... continue reading
Tuesday, Jan 30, 2018
Anderson Hills United Methodist Church is the location for the next Lay Servant Ministries course offerings. They will take place on Friday, March 2 from 6:30-9pm (dinner served at 6:00) and Saturday, March 3 from 8:30am-4:30pm (breakfast served at 8:00). The following classes will be offered: Lay Servant Ministries (Basic Course) Instructor: Leslie Hall, CLS "God has called you to a life of service as a disciple and disciple of Jesus Christ ... Ministries of... continue reading
Tuesday, Jan 30, 2018
These membership figures come from the most recent annual conference journals sent to the General Council on Finance and Administration. The vast majority of the journals are from 2016 with some from 2017 or earlier years including one from 2013. The Rev. Gary Graves, secretary of the General Conference, used these totals in calculating how many delegates each conference sends to the denomination’s top lawmaking assembly in 2020. The distribution of delegates b... continue reading
Monday, Jan 29, 2018
Nearly one in five people has a disability in the U.S., according to the Census Bureau. Many of those who are part of this 20 percent of the population, as well as their families, are seeking a faith community in which they can be a vital part. “When I read the Gospels and think about Jesus’ ministry, I notice that he never passed by anyone with a disability. He would take the time to find out what they wanted and he would meet that need,” said Sharon McCart, c... continue reading
Monday, Jan 29, 2018
The Commission on a Way Forward is fleshing out the details of three possible models for how the denomination treats LGBTQ inclusion. The multinational group, appointed by United Methodist bishops, held its seventh meeting behind closed doors Jan. 18-20 in Dallas. Each model has its supporters among the 32 commission members with no single plan having a clear majority, commission members told United Methodist News Service. “Some commission members prefer one sk... continue reading
Friday, Jan 19, 2018
Did you know that our keynote speaker from our recent Leadership Training Day is a prolific blogger and author? Read more: A new year brings fresh opportunities for spiritual growth. I want to start this year by offering you 5 quantum leaps of faith for 2018. Each one of these inspiring leaps will challenge your notion of what’s doable. If you take them, they’ll shift your perspective and re-define what’s possible. In this blog, I introduce the 5 quantum leaps... continue reading
Wednesday, Jan 10, 2018
When making New Year’s resolutions for 2018, we hope you will consider joining us in participating in several of these very United Methodist activities in the months ahead. 1. Visit historic sites As you plan the route of your spring break and summer road trips, include visits to historic United Methodist sites. We’ve compiled a couple of lists of some of our favorites (one | two), and United Methodist Archives and History has a comprehensive list. In certain... continue reading