Resisting Injustice Workshops
Title Presenter Description
Getting the Discussion Started Rev. Lisa Kerwin  Panelists will discuss how they started the conversation at their own churches, how they partnered with other churches, and what they learned from their experiences with discussions and study groups. Tips and resources will be provided to help with starting racial justice ministries. Panelists: Rev. Kirk Peterson, Rev. Betty Jo Sommerville, Rev. Paula Stewart, Rev. Kate Smith, Rev. Vicki Robinson
Emerging Paradigms for Justice-focused Ministry Ms. Reba Collins and Dr. Mike Davis The convergence of multiple pandemics in 2020 revealed that there can be no revival without a reckoning of historical injustices deeply embedded in our communities. This session provides a base-level understanding of the emerging paradigms for justice-focused ministry that push back against injustices. The presenters help participants expand ministry beyond a person or place to a comprehensive approach for resisting injustices in community structures, systems and collective responsibility.
Courageous Conversations Rev. Dr. Scott Hughes Some people attack conflict while others run for the hills. Part of discipleship is dealing with complex social issues and difficult interpersonal conversations. Courageous Conversations will inspire and equip local churches to hold meaningful conversations about complex social issues as well as offer resources for interpersonal conversation.
Immigration Justice: For Real!                                                                                                                                         Rev. David Meredith, Ms. Nicole DeGreg, Ms. Sandy Ramirez, Ms. Lucy Chapeta        How is my role as a disciple of Jesus, professing Christian, and member of a United Methodist Church different from my role as a citizen of the United States? What does justice look like for a person fleeing torture and seeking refuge in the U.S.? What can I do about justice for a refugee family caught in the slow process of citizenship? What is life like for a person in the U.S. without permission, documents, or official papers? Tackle these questions. Gain additional information. Meet persons of color whose citizenship status as immigrants, refugees, or asylum seekers are different than your own. Discover ways to engage!
Creating Goodness in the World      Rev. Carl Gladstone             Learn about how students in the Detroit area are mobilized to create projects advocating for things like getting out the vote, feeding the homeless, and others. You will hear from students, learn more about how the process was launched, and have time for questions.
S/PPRC: More Than Keeping Everyone  Happy                                                                                                                             Rev. Dr. Todd Anderson  & Rev. Dr. Suzanne Allen                                                                     S/PPRC members are on the front lines, often viewed as the complaint department when the pastor steps into new, uncharted, prophetic, or “political” territory.  They might also receive complaints that the pastor doesn’t speak out on these topics enough.  S/PPRC members know very well, “You can’t please all the people all the time.”  Even though we wish we could, our ultimate task is to please God and make disciples of Jesus who transform the world.  Join us in this workshop as we talk about best practices for pastors and S/PPRC teams to implement so that their pastors are supported to lead for Gospel conviction, justice, and transformation rather than a comfortable maintenance of the status quo.
Title  Presenter Description
Cultural Competency: Serving a Diverse Mission Field Rev. April Casperson Do you see communities and groups in your neighborhood that aren’t represented in your church? Does your church want to reach out to new people but you aren’t sure how to do it well? Join us for a conversation about how we can increase our own cultural competency in order to reach a diverse mission field.
Resources For Engaging Young People in Social Justice Rev. Benji Sayre and Rev. Brent Dearnell Join us to learn about different curriculum and resources available to engage youth and young adults in deepening their understanding of social justice and advocacy. We will experience one of the resources together and share in the others. While geared towards young people, these resources could be utilized across the ages--children through adults--in the church.
More Than Just A "Nice Sermon" Rev. Meshach Kanyion and Rev. Dr. Suzanne Allen What is the role of preaching and worship in resisting injustice?  How do you preach to a divided congregation (especially during divided times) without everyone leaving the church?  Join us as we name the challenges of preaching about difficult and divisive topics of justice, consider why doing so is essential to our mission of transformation of the world, and encourage one another to utilize these best practices for preaching on essential topics of justice even in places where there is division and resistance.
Getting the Discussion Started Rev. Lisa Kerwin same as above
Emerging Paradigms for Justice-focused Ministry Ms. Reba Collins and Dr. Mike Davis same as above
Immigration Justice: For Real!       Rev. David Meredith, Ms. Nicole DeGreg, Ms. Sandy Ramirez, Ms. Lucy Chapeta                                      same as above