A welcome and a call: Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors

I would like to think ‘Open Hearts’ reflects our grace-based theology,” says the Rev. David Collum, pastor of Open Hearts Bolivar (Missouri) United Methodist Church.

“We’ve always had a lot of members who deeply care for each other and deeply care for people in the community,” adds church Lay Leader Ed Kurtz. “I think [the church’s name] is an opportunity for us to make a display of that.”

Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors
Since 2001, our brand promise, “Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors.” has been featured on billboards, television ads, and computer banners promoting The United Methodist Church. Congregations like Open Hearts Bolivar UMC, use those words for their ministries.

The word open describes the state of our hearts, minds, and doors. Sometimes we put it this way, “Our hearts, our minds, and our doors are always open.” It is a symbol of welcome.

Kurtz credits the name “Open Hearts” as part of the reason some newer members initially connected with the congregation. “It really has drawn them into a deeper ministry through our church.”

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