Summer 2018 Lay Servant Ministries Courses

Westwood United Methodist Church is the location for the next Lay Servant Ministries course offerings. They will take place on Friday, July 13 from 6:30-9pm (dinner served at 6:00) and Saturday, July 14 from 8:30am-4:30pm (breakfast served at 8:00). The following classes will be offered:

Lay Servant Ministries (Basic Course) Instructor: Jennifer Fry, CLM
"God has called you to a life of service as a disciple and disciple of Jesus Christ ... Ministries of the lay service is the first step that many lay and lay people take towards the beginning of their journey of Faith, in their effort to seek a more intimate relationship with the Lord." The Lay Service Ministries Basic Course is designed to be an introductory training experience for the new leadership of the church, while representing a renewal experience for leaders who have long served in the United Methodist Church. This course explores:
• Personal spiritual gifts
• The server leadership
• The role or role of each leader in developing future leaders
• The importance of constant spiritual practices
• The leading ministries of leadership, care and communication
• And much more

Living Our United Methodist Beliefs (Advanced Core Course) Instructor: David Finney, CLM 
This course will explore the special gifts of theology, witness, and organization that The United Methodist Church brings to the church universal, how we got where we are today, and how our distinctive emphases are still needed in the 21st-century church.
In this course participants will:
• discover the relationship of doctrine to the missional movement of Methodism and its theological influence on the practical structure and disciplines of early Methodists
• learn about the formation of Methodist denominations as an important part of the history of The United Methodist Church
• explore the Wesleyan understanding of grace, the means of grace, and how practicing spiritual disciplines leads to holiness of heart and life.

Teach Adults (Advanced Course) Instructor: Karen Brentley, CLS
This course is designed to help provide a basic understanding of the ways in which adults learn and grow. 

"Adults are eager to learn and are searching for meaning, but we must break through their initial reluctance to encourage them to think, question, and make connections." Barbara Bruce, author of Start Here

Based on some of the latest theories about faith development and learning, this course offers practical, down-to-earth strategies designed for teaching adults. Whether you're a Sunday school teacher, a Bible study teacher or a teacher in another setting, you'll find instruction in creating environments where adults grow in faith through your guidance.