Social Issues move MARCC to Action

Faith communities in Cincinnati believe that to be effective, they need to work together to provide leadership for the Greater Cincinnati community.  MARCC was formed to provide the structure for decision-making and action of our faith groups.
MARCC, the Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati, was initiated in 1968, by Methodist leaders in Cincinnati, including Bishops Emerson Colaw and Joe Sprague along with representatives from over 13 other judicatories including Rabbi Albert Goldman, Bishop Roger Blanchard and Monsignor Ralph Asplan.  In 1968, Mayor Eugene Ruehlmann, seeking counsel to address the city’s racial crisis, convened a meeting of business, educational, industrial, human relations and community leaders.  The newly-organized MARCC represented the religious community.

MARCC continues to represent the faith community as the coalition of Cincinnati faith groups that works to assist the Cincinnati community “to forgo the luxury of separate ways when a common path can be found.”  A representative from each judicatory meets every Friday morning to work on the identified issues and provide direction for the organization.

Delegates Councils are held once a month for individuals interested in becoming more informed and more active in specific issues.  This group meets on the third Wednesday of the month, in the undercroft of St. Peter in Chains Cathedral, across from City Hall.  Individuals from all faith communities are welcome to attend.

Once each year, MARCC holds a “Shared Planning Conference, to determine the issues for the coming year.  This year, the group met on November 16, 2017, and selected 2 local social concerns to work on during the coming year. 

Individuals representing the Ohio River Valley District of the United Methodist Church who participated in selecting the issues included, (shown left to right in photo), Linda Young, Clifton; Wanda Daniels, Keys of the Kingdom; Mel Williams, Gaines; Nancy Lu Walters, Hyde Park Community; and Mary Beth Owens, Hyde Park Community.  

This year the issues selected for the coming year are: “Community Police Relations and Justice Reform,” and, “Displacement, Affordable Housing and Homelessness.” 

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