Praying for our churches, October 2021

Each week during 2021, the staff of the Ohio River Valley District prays for two of our churches. During the month of October we pray that the congregations, pastors and church ministries of the following churches will find joy in the daily work of responding to God's direction, a joy that generates perserverance for all that is set before us this year.                                              

Week of October 3
Jacksonburg – Pastor Peter Hamm / PPRC Chair Debbie Curry
Owensville – Pastor David Tennant / PPRC Chair Dale Keck
Waynesville – Pastor Joni Manson / PPRC Chair Peggy Clark

Week of October 10
Hartzell – Pastor Justin Fuhrmann /PPRC Chair Daniel Waddell
Milford Trinity – Pastors Kirk Peterson & Jennifer Burns / PPRC Chair Linda Walsh
Westwood – Pastors Bryan Bucher, Beth Anne Crego and Ernest Ologo / PPRC Chair Nancy Jackson

Week of October 17
Felicity – Pastor Stephen Douglas / PPRC Chair Kristin Baird
Franklin First – Pastor Laura Saunders / PPRC Chair Julie Abell
Zion – Pastor Scott Meeker / PPRC Chair Linda Kline

Week of October 24
New Vienna – Pastor Desiree Gruber / PPRC Chairs Roni Crum and Leah Balon
Norwood Grace – Pastor Laurie Steele / PPRC Chair David Stevenson
Wilmington – Pastor Scott Miller / PPRC Chair Carol Sebert