Praying for our churches, January 2022

For many years, the staff of the Ohio River Valley District has purposely taken time each week of the year to pray for specific churches. During the month of January we pray for the following congregations, pastors and church ministries. We know that God is doing a good work within you - you are transforming lives and communities with God’s love and grace. And we trust that the love of God, the grace of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit will fill you and sustain you.

Week of January 2
Gaines - Pastor Alethea Botts / PPRC Chair James Stallworth
Perintown – Pastor Dan Watson / PPRC Chair Cathy Marlar

Week of January 9
Camp Dennison – Pastor Rick Pitcairn / PPRC Chair Mike Tingley
Forest Chapel – Pastor Kabamba Kiboko / PPRC Chair Maureen Smith

Week of January 16
Batavia Emmanuel – Pastor Jay Madigan / PPRC Chair Terry Moles
Middletown Christ – Pastor Evette Watt / PPRC Chair Glenna Fisher

Week of January 23
Goshen – Pastor Elizabeth Reed / PPRC Chair Bev Clark
Sabina  – Pastor David Brown / PPRC Chair Lana Cherrington

Week of January 30
Hooven – Pastor Patty Haynes / PPRC Chair Sheila Smith
Seven Mile – Pastor Gary Rode / PPRC Chair Tom Brunner