Praying for our churches, February 2019

During the month of February, the staff of the Ohio River Valley District is praying for 
the congregation, pastors and church ministries of the following churches...
that you might bring the hope of Christ to your community. This year's Annual
Conference theme of "Be not afraid, Hope" guides our prayers for you.
Week of February 3:
Amelia - Pastor Ed Groff / PPRC Chair Thom Mooney
John Wesley- Pastor RJ Davis / PPRC Chair Bruce Hayes 
Sabina - Pastor Joni Manson / PPRC Chair Charles McMillan

Week of February 10:
Cherry Grove - Pastor Patty Matthews / PPRC Chair Melanie Owen
Mt Healthy - Pastor Robert English / PPRC Chair Steve Harness
St Paul Community - Pastors David Wells & Brian Gath / PPRC Chair Laurel Wolfenden

Week of February 17:
Brecon - Pastor John Dean / PPRC Chair Abby Moonitz
Korean Madisonville - Pastors Yongchoel Woo & Brian Choi / PPRC Chair Jeung Yon No
Oxford - Pastor Arun Paul / PPRC Chair Diane Oak

Week of February 24:
Epiphany - Pastors Kathy Currier, Seth Lindemann, Scott Russ & Lisa Kerwin / PPRC Chair Matt Baker
Middletown Amanda - Pastor Marti Pepitone / PPRC Chair Edwin Ostermann
Red Lion - Pastor Sandy Vogele / PPRC Chair Brandon Warmoth