Praying for our churches, December 2019

During the month of December, the staff of the Ohio River Valley District is praying for the congregation
pastors and church ministries of the following churches... that you might bring the hope of Christ to your
community. This year's Annual Conference theme of "Be not afraid, Hope" guides our prayers for you.
Week of December 1:
Hamilton Lindenwald - Pastor Rob Ulmer / PPRC Chair Neil Hayes
Monroe - Pastor Joel Harbarger / PPRC Chair Christy Handorff

Week of December 8:
Incline Missional - Pastor Daniel Hughes / PPRC Chair Madeleine Kipperman
McGonigle Millville - Pastor Chris Trumbull / PPRC Chair Chris Jordan

Week of December 15:
Felicity - Pastor Harlan Coats / PPRC Chair Sue Hacker
Martinsville - Pastor Scarlett Rowland / PPRC Chair David Allen