Praying for our churches, December 2018

During the month of December, the staff of the Ohio River Valley District is praying for you,
your church, and your ministry. This year's Annual Conference theme of "Be not afriad, there 
is enought" guides our prayers for you.
Week of December 2:
Milford Trinity- Pastor Kirk Peterson / PPR Chair Linda Walsh
New Vision - Pastor Jeaninne Walker / PPRC Chair Walter Bowers
Williamsburg - Pastor Pete Elliott / PPRC Chair Gary Jordan

Week of December 9:
Blanchester Grace - Pastor Chuck Shonkwiler / PPR Chair Richard Peck
Hamilton Lindenwald - Pastor Rob Ulmer / PPR Chair Neil Hayes
Mt. Pisgah - Pastor Sally Meyer / PPR Chair Ed Grove

Week of December 16:
Franklin First- Pastor Laura Saunders / PPR Chair Julie Abell
Middletown First - Pastor John Wagner / PPR Chair Michael Hieber
Monroe - Pastor Joel Harbarger / PPR Chair Matthew Gould