Praying for our churches, August 2020

During the month of August, the staff of the Ohio River Valley District is praying for the congregation, pastors and church ministries of the following churches... that you might bring the hope of Christ to your community. This year's Annual Conference theme of  Be Not afraid, God Is With Us  guides our prayers for you.
Week of August 2:
Batavia Faith - Pastor Nicole Henderson-Johns / PPRC Chair Maurice Sargent
Shiloh - Pastor John Whitaker / PPRC Chair John Erpelding

Week of August 9:
Keys of the Kingdom - Pastor Vera Cole / PPRC Chair Claronda Wash-McGoogin
Oregonia - Pastor Jim Clark / PPRC Chair Ashley Day

Week of August 16:
Armstrong Chapel - Pastors David Brown and Elizabeth Brown / PPRC Chair Tom Campbell
Mason - Pastor Mark Damschroder / PPRC Chair Tim McIlvenna

Week of August 23:
Elizabethtown - Pastors Glen Lash and Jayne Lash / PPRC Chair Ruth Keen
The Ross Community - Pastor Kym James / PPRC Chair Brenda Brown

Week of August 30:
Hamilton Grace - Pastor Randy Stearns / PPRC Chair Sarah Silva
Owensville - Pastor David Tennant / PPRC Chair Regina Theilman