Praying for our churches, April 2019

During the month of April, the staff of the Ohio River Valley District is praying for 
the congregation, pastors and church ministries of the following churches...
that you might bring the hope of Christ to your community. This year's Annual
Conference theme of "Be not afraid, Hope" guides our prayers for you.
Week of April 7:
Deerfield - Pastor Linda Troy / PPRC Chair Bruce Brengman
Loveland - Pastor Brad Olson / PPRC Chair Ron Henrich

Week of April 14:
Hyde Park Community - Pastors Doug Johns, Cathy Johns, Dave Weaver and Kate Smith / PPRC Chair Ginger Vanderlinde
Perintown - Pastor Dan Watson / PPRC Chair Cathy Marlar

Week of April 21:
Clough - Pastor Paula Stewart / PPRC Chair Donna Rogers
Otterbein Lebanon - Pastor George Phillips / PPRC Chair Bob Hewitt

Week of April 28:
Eden Chapel - Pastor Jackie Apted / PPRC Chair Margaret Schott
Laurel - Pastor Bill Zeller / PPRC Chair Gloria Smith