The Platinum Rule for Thriving Congregations

Join Rev. Rebekah Simon-Peter for a 4-week online workshop on October 6, 13, 20, 27 from 10am-11:30am. The Platinum Rule for Thriving Congregations is a fun and insightful workshop that empowers you to communicate with greater emotional intelligence – even with people who normally drive you crazy!

Grounded in emotional intelligence, Platinum Rule participants learn how to:
• Enhance their people skills to create happier relationships
• Heighten their ability to work together for the common good
• Restore their faith in people while learning how to defuse tension and misunderstanding
• Draw out the top contributions from each of their people
• Bring out the best in people who frustrate them most

Weekly schedule:
• Discover Your DiSC® style
• Learn about Others’ DiSC® styles
• Build Platinum Rule Relationships
• Turn Insight into Action

The cost is just $39 for all four weeks. Once you are registered you will receive the meeting details and the DiSC® profile to complete. 

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