Peace Be Still

The Lord Be With You!


A Sermon Thought-

Hope and Fear seem to be antithetical, as if they emerge from opposite ends of the soul.  But aren't they kin, intertwined, burgeoning out of the same place inside, twin impulses toward a future that might annihilate us, but also might just reward us richly?
Why this Jubilee by Rev. James C. Howell, Myers Park United Methodist Church

A Devotion for the weekend-

Please read Mark 4:35-41, Jesus Calms the Storm 
To the left you will find a painting entitled Peace Be Still by Chinese artist He Qi, 1992. In all of He Qi's paintings the color blue is dominant.  Blue as you will remember, is the color of HOPE, and is in all of the renderings of the stories of Jesus that He Qi tells. HOPE is on the canvas.

For my whole adult life, people have carelessly and casually said, 'if I only had the time I would do.....'
I probably have even said that once or twice, probably more!  Perhaps you have too?

So now with time on our hands, or at least a different rhythm of life, what are you going to do?

How will you redeem the time?

One of the ways that I am redeeming the time is by looking at and contemplating the power of art painted by a Christian from China.  China, that same country that is sending millions of dollars of medical equipment to our country because we need the assistance. Isn't there something fascinating about that with all the rhetoric and blatant racism?

When you look through the painting of He Qi, you are dominated by the color blue--HOPE!

It is my prayer that you can see through the painting, towards hope and redeem this time.

So, as we contemplate the storm that we have been given, I want to ask a few questions:

  • Where is the storm raging for you?  Internally? Externally?
  • Is the storm your FEAR or is it your GIFT?
  • What resources are you pulling close to you-like a comforting blanket on a cold day, to empower you for what is needed next?
  • What GIFT will you be for others today?


As I looked at the painting, this piece of music was helpful to me. In the text and tune I hear HOPE in our midst. 


Composition by Tom Trenney. Ariel Merivil, soloist. This excerpt is from the Abendmusik
at First Plymouth concert entitled "We Will Rise" presented 11/4/18 at FIrst Plymouth
Church, Lincoln NE by the Wartburg  College and Plymouth Choirs.
Conducted by Tom Trenney and Ariel Merivil.



Rev. Dr. Todd D. Anderson
Superintendent, West Ohio Conference
Ohio River Valley District | United Methodist Church