Patient Ferment Discussion Group

Are you longing for a future that resembles the early church movement? Do you wonder if it could happen today? John Wesley did, too! He had a strong desire to capture the dynamic of the early church and longed to see the power of the Gospel work wonders in his day, like it did in theirs. The Wesleyan movement was of the same kind as the early church movement. In the words of Cardinal Emmanuel Suhard, they had lives "which can only be explained in terms of God."

Rev. Meshach Kanyion would like interested clergy and laity you to join him in studying the early church to see what our sisters and brothers can teach us about worship, community and Christian formation. Using Alan Kreider's book, The Patient Ferment of the Early Church, Meshach is creating a goup that share Wesley's desire to capture the dynamic of the early church. Interested in participating?

Sign up here and purchase the book (CokesburyAmazon). 

Meetings take place at the ORV District office at 12noon. Bring your lunch; beverages will be provided.

Tuesday, March 14
Wednesday, April 12
Wednesday, May 3
Wednesday, May 24

Space is limited. Questions? Contact Meshach Kanyion at meshach.kanyion [at]