Middletown Christ is Making an Impact

For many months the members of Middletown Christ UMC have been filling up bags with a variety of grocery items which get delivered monthly to the Salvation Army Food Pantry. Together they are partnering to fight hunger in their community.

Through September, the congregation has donated 2, 229 pounds of food. Based on a value of $1.76 per pound that means they've given $3,923. In addition to food donations, they've contributed financially to go towards buying additional food items for the pantry - to the tune of $3,788. These donations make Christ UMC the largest private donor to the Middletown Salvation Army Food Pantry.

Not only do they give of their resources, they support the partnership through hours of volunteer time packing groceries, stocking shelves and unloading the monthly Shared Harvest truck. 

Christ Church reminds us that it takes a lot of resources to fight the battle against hunger insecurity. Who might you partner with in your community to help provide some relief to your neighbors?