Lent 2018: A Journey Home

Take your congregation on a journey this lenten season to explore that we are all spiritual refugees, journeying home to our Father in Heaven. Each of us is called to turn around in the midst of a broken and hurting world and travel in the wilderness as we seek the God who is calling us. Jesus teaches us through example and lessons what is expected of us as we journey home to Him.

Each week we will travel with Jesus to experience the trials, joys and triumphs of refugees around the world. As we see and experience the plight of refugees we are challenged to look out for them, care for them and love them. This series calls us to a new narrative for refugees caught in the United States’ political system and those without a home around the world.

In this Lectionary based series we will explore both the refugee’s story as they struggle to relocate and settle into a new home and our own spiritual journey as we travel this earth knowing our true home is not here, but in heaven.