Leaning Into Justice Challenge

Beginning on Ash Wednesday and continuing through Easter Sunday, you are invited to engage daily in the Leaning into Justice Challenge as a unique Lenten Spiritual practice. As a tangible way to live out our faith, seek justice, and pursue peace, we will share resources and ideas for learning, reflection, and action organized around a specific justice topic for that week with guidance about the estimated time commitments. Saturdays (and Friday of Holy Week) will challenge you to “Do One Thing” with what you’ve learned and reflected on and Sunday will be a day of rest.

The Lent 2021: Leaning into Justice Challenge was created by Hyde Park Community UMC  in such a way that it is open to all around the country to engage in this important work. Being a Justice Ministry located in Cincinnati, there are some resources and action items that are location specific but they’ve also included resources and action ideas that are relevant beyond the city.

The hope is that this spiritual practice during Lent is just the beginning! During your Lenten journey as you explore various justice issues through learning, reflection, and action... may God reveal your Divine call in the work of justice. Perhaps you already consider yourself a co-conspirator with God and others in the work of justice? May you be renewed and strengthened in your passions, gifts, and calling in this season through this Lenten challenge.

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