I Believe in the Church

Greetings in Christ Jesus:

For several months now, you have been hearing the invitation to join me and fellow West Ohioans for the I Believe in the Church events. The first of these ten (10) events will take place on Wednesday, September 5. I am looking forward to being 'on the trail,' so to speak, and being with you for an evening of teaching, testimony and worship. I am so grateful to the 10 local churches that have said yes and are preparing to host us. I am blown away at your response and glad we will have the chance to be together to talk about the nature and mission of the Church. Every bishop is expected to travel throughout the episcopal area, and one of the tasks that every bishop is asked to tend is the teaching office. It will be my privilege and joy to invite you into a time of thinking about the who and what of the Church.

You should know that mine is not the only voice you will hear. In every location, there will be at least three persons who have been invited to share their witness about the importance of Jesus Christ and the Church in their lives. I am persuaded that hearing the stories of others strengthens us in the faith and helps us to sharpen and tell our own stories of faith. Our time together will culminate with a short service of baptismal remembrance. Why baptism? Our life begins in the water, so to speak, and all ministry flows from and is empowered by our baptism.

If you have yet to register for one of these events, please look for one that accommodates your schedule and  click the link to register.
Looking forward to being with you soon, I am,

Your servant in Christ Jesus,

+Gregory V. Palmer