Fall 2019 Lay Servant Ministries Courses

The John Wesley United Methodist Church is the location for the Ohio River Valley District's next offering of Lay Servant Ministry courses. They will take place on Friday, September 20 from 6:30-9pm (dinner served at 6:00) and Saturday, September 21 from 8:30am-4:30pm (breakfast served at 8:00). The following classes will be offered:

Lay Servant Ministries (Basic Course) Instructor: Jennifer Fry, CLM
God has called you to a life of service as a disciple of Jesus Christ ... Ministries of the lay service is the first step that many lay people take towards the beginning of their journey of faith in their effort to seek a more intimate relationship with the Lord.  The Lay Service Ministries Basic Course is designed to be an introductory training experience for new leaders of the church, while representing a renewal experience for leaders who have long served in the United Methodist Church. This course explores:
• Personal spiritual gifts
• The server leadership
• The role of each leader in developing future leaders
• The importance of constant spiritual practices
• The leading ministries of leadership, care and communication
• And much more

Leading Public Prayer (Advanced Core Course) Instructors: Jayne Lash, CLM and Glen Lash, CLS
Prayer is something we learn; it is something that can be taught. For many, howerver, the only teaching about prayer they ever receive is modeled in Sunday worship. This course may challenge some of your assumptions, test some of your preconceived ideas, stretch your thinking, and enrich your prayer life. It will, at the very least, present you with an opportunity to grow in the discipline of leading public prayer.

Justice in Everyday Life (Advanced Course) Instructor: Rev. Seth Lindemann, Epiphany UMC
This course takes an in-depth look at the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church - the church's attempt to speak on contemporary issues with which it is confronted today. Topics covered may include natural world; social, economic and political community; and Biblical foundations and teaching of the Social Principles.