Circles of Grace: Making Room at the Table

Greetings Friends,

Our Bishop has asked if we would make a commitment to create Circles of Grace in creating space for transformative dialogue. In essence, we are called upon to make room at the table for all perceptions on race, human relations and power.

In the Ohio River Valley District, many pastors have committed to begin this process on Human Relations Sunday, January 18, 2015. All across the Ohio River Valley District, African American Pastors will be swapping pulpits with Anglo American Pastors presenting a unified message on Reconciliation. African American Pastors from across the United States will be preaching at several churches in the district as well.

You do not need to switch pulpits to participate in this unified message. If you would like more information, please contact bbrown [at] (Brian K. Brown), ORV District Superintendent, for more information.

Together we can offer Christ’s reconciliation to one another!