Praying for our churches, May 2020
Sunday, May 31, 2020 (All day)

During the month of May, the staff of the Ohio River Valley District is praying for the congregation, pastors and church ministries of the following churches... that you might bring the hope of Christ to your community. This year's Annual Conference theme of  Be Not afraid, God Is With Us guides our prayers for you.
Week of May 3:
Cheviot - Pastor Carrie Jena / PPRC Chair Charlie Sparenberg
Lebanon - Pastors Steve Cramer and Matt Wright / PPRC Chair Fred Grimm
St. Paul Community - Pastors David Wells and Brian Gath / PPRC Chair Laurel Wolfenden

Week of May 10:
Bethany - Pastor Doug Sonnenberg / PPRC Chair Ken Cecil
Darrtown - Pastor Chris Trumbull / PPRC Chair Chris Jordan
Richland - Pastor Bill Merriman / PPRC Chair Don Gibson

Week of May 17:
Laurel - Pastor Bill Zeller / PPRC Chair Gloria Smith
Mt. Healthy - Pastor Robert English / PPRC Chair Rosemary Andrew
Summerside - Pastor Nicole Henderson-Johns / PPRC Chair Stephanie Foltz

Week of May 24:
Hyde Park Community - Pastors Cathy Johns, Doug Johns, Dave Weaver and Kate Smith / PPRC Chair Andrea Osterbur
Morrow - Pastor Noel Martin / PPRC Chair Bobbie Grice
Sharonville - Pastor Doug Damron / PPRC Chair Robert Morris