Director of Engagement

Sharonville United Methodist Church in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio is looking for someone to thrive in their newly created Director of Engagement position. The ideal candidate would possess a good mix of technical and pastoral skills with a heart of engaging people into the life of the church and into a deeper connection with Jesus Christ.

The three main areas of focus for the Director of Engagement will be:
1. Engaging with people who connect with the church digitally. This includes welcoming, connecting, and developing relationships with people who attend Sunday morning digitally. This also entails developing community in the digital space.
2. Work with the mission ministries to engage both the people of the church and the community in mission and community. The vision of this position should follow the four-fold Biblical calling found in Acts 1:8 – to Jerusalem (within the congregation), Judea (in our community), Samaria (people different than we are), and to the ends of the earth.
3. Lead the discipleship ministry. This will entail developing a “Discipleship Pathway” to help engage people in the church and community to find a deeper connection with Jesus Christ in their lives.

This is envisioned as a ¾ to full-time position with appropriate compensation, without benefits. Candidates should send a cover letter, resume, and references to Pastor Kurt Tomlinson at pastor [at]