Paying Attention To What Really Matters

Dear Ones in Christ Jesus:

The next seven days are likely to be jammed for many of us. The energy and hustle of Thanksgiving will consume the next several days with travel, connecting with family and friends, eating and serving our neighbors. It is worth remembering that what we may pack into a few days is something that the people of God are enjoined to do all the time. After all, we are the ones who are invited to give thanks every day and in every circumstance. In recent years we have been reminded by theologians, physicians and therapists of the value added to our lives to live from a heart of gratitude. That may be especially worth keeping in mind this coming weekend when college football obsessed fans hold their breath for long periods of time without exhaling because of what's going on the field.

No sooner than the turkey leftovers become sandwiches, salad, soup or are fricasseed Advent will be here. Sunday December 1 marks the start of Advent and a new church...continue reading