Reflecting Deeply on America's Independence Day

Dear Ones in Christ Jesus:

This issue of NewsNet comes to you on the day before. The day before what, you ask. July 4th. America's Independence Day. It will be observed in a variety of ways by individuals, communities and institutions. There will be parades, fireworks, the consumption of too much grilled, burnt, high-cholesterol meat. That doesn't even take into account the inevitable over-consumption of alcohol. Many will start vacations and travel to family reunions. And oh yes, store sales will try to convince us consumers that we are getting a deal on something we need or that we need something that we really do not. Most of what I have listed above offers no direct line of sight to a thoughtful commemoration of America's Independence Day.

There is nothing wrong with using the occasion for a bit of recognition and celebration of the dream and the ideal of America. But all of us, and Christians in particular, might serve the whole well in practicing a bit more...continue reading