November 27: The O Antiphons – The Promised Coming of our Savior

The O Antiphons are generally prayed from December 17 to Christmas Eve. Over 1,300 years old, the O Antiphons were prayed in monastic communities and then began to be shared by the broader church. Deeply spiritual, each antiphon begins with the invocation of the word “O" as a sign of reverence, and then, followed by one of the names of the Promised One, the Messiah – the Savior of Israel.

For centuries, the O Antiphons have been prayed silently and out loud. They have found their way into one of the best loved and known Advent hymns "O Come, O Come, Emanuel." 

As we begin this Advent Season, we will pray them right through in couplets and then for Christmas week #7 alone. In addition to the text there is also a corresponding symbol for each of the antiphons. These early symbols were also...continue reading