Bishop Palmer Taking Renewal Leave this Summer

Greetings in Christ Jesus:

We are about to start a new Conference year, so to speak. Some of our clergy are retiring from active itinerant ministry. They have served wonderfully in local churches and in settings that extend the ministry of the local church in institutions and communities. Other clergy still under appointment are moving to new appointments. Still others are starting their first appointment. Please hold all these folks, their families and their new ministry settings in your thoughts and prayers in this season of transition.

While summer can mark the time for a new start for many, for others who may be continuing in the same ministry setting, it can mark a change of pace. The pace may be faster or slower depending on the person and the rhythm of the ministry context.

In July and August, I will be taking a Renewal Leave. Paragraph 410.2 of the United Methodist Book of Discipline states the following:

Renewal Leave-Every bishop in the active...continue reading