The UM Gathering: Intentional Faith Development

The United Methodist Gathering
Breakthrough Goal Report: Intentional Faith Development
April, 2013

After being chartered just over a year ago, by the power of Christ we are seeing a fulfillment of our mission to "Change Lives, Heal the Community and Grow the Kingdom of God one Life at a Time." These words, spoken by the pastor of the UM Gathering, Rev. Carrie Jena, show the powerful work that God is doing in Middletown.

Last fall Carrie and her team set an Intentional Faith goal for 2013 to have at least 10 small groups with 90 people participating. Already this year, they've broken through that goal and are half-way to reaching their Radical Hospitality goal of 30 baptisms!

Carrie further explains, "We have found that the key to growing disciples in this context is to make the most of every opportunity because transportation is not always available. Therefore, we try to 'bundle' our events together as much as possible. Our largest weekly Bible study takes place just one hour before worship and is held in our large worship space rather than a separate Sunday school room. Our Bible studies are always open to the community, are highly interactive, and give people of all levels of faith the opportunity to ask their questions in a non-judgmental atmosphere."