Northern Hills: Extravagant Generosity

Northern Hills United Methodist Church
Breakthrough Goal Report: Extravagant Hospitality
April, 2013

We decided to set apportionments as our goal for 2012 because it has been quite a few years since Northern Hills paid both the district and conference apportionments in full.  


We were able to achieve this goal because of several factors.  We had a successful fundraising year with rummage sales, parking cars for the Greek Festival and the Pumpkin Patch. The Pumpkin Patch is also a mission

outreach since ¾ of the proceeds are returned to the Native Americans who grow the pumpkins. Our portion was designated solely for apportionments.


We had two staff changes that reduced our costs. Our new pastor is not married so we saved on health insurance costs. Our long time administrative assistant resigned and we were able to hire someone new at a lower hourly rate.


We were also blessed with a mild winter. This reduced our operating costs for heating and snow removal.


The most important factor was our members and friends.  Not only did they work hard at fundraising, but they honored their pledges. Almost every pledge was paid in full and some members even gave more than their pledged amount. Our pastor, Reverend McLean, was instrumental in keeping the importance of apportionments in the forefront.   


All these factors came together to help us achieve our goal, but the most important factor was faith. Faith not only in ourselves, but that God would help us and guide us to achieve our goal. 

 ~submitted by Jane Victor, treasurer and finance chair of Northern Hills UMC