John Wesley UMC: Extravagant Generosity

As with most congregations during the 2008 to 2011 time period, finances were very challenging. Budgets were tight and spending was being curtailed in all areas.

During 2012, it was clear we needed an intervention if we were to remain a strong and viable congregation. The physical appearance of our church was falling into disrepair. It was impacting our ability to be the warm, welcoming environment that we wanted to be, especially to first-time worship guests.

We decided to take a significant risk with a campaign called Feet of Faith.

  •  A summer fundraising campaign --- not ideal.
  • ​ Conducting a campaign in a time of very tight budgets --- not ideal.
  • ​ A fundraising campaign immediately before the annual stewardship campaign --- not ideal.
  • ​ Nothing was ideal, but something needed to be done.

To be successful, we put our faith into a very different approach to fundraising. The campaign utilized incredible creativity, clearly designed to be fun and thoughtfully designing the campaign such that it would not take away from anything else.

Response to the campaign was amazing!!

  • Feet of Faith exceeded its $50,000 objective by about 10%.
  • The campaign did not detract from our annual budget of about $400,000.
  • ​ Apportionments were paid in full and we still ended the budget year significantly in the black.

God showed his faith through the faithful people at John Wesley.